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1088RS FO42 Pierobon

This stunning one-off Ducati built around a 92 bhp air-cooled V-twin could spawn a stream of cheaper, road going versions.

The UK-built track bike costs its American owner around £60,000, but with all the development done, Ducati Coventry say future bikes could be made for a measly £20,000.

Ducati Coventry owner John Hackett told MCN: “We are considering making a cheaper road-legal version. The costs incurred in this bike are so big because so much had to be done from scratch. A lower-spec bike could be done for probably for 1/3rd of the cost seen here. So much work has been done getting the bodywork and swingarm ready and looking just right but that's all been done bow. Providing you had a donor machine, you could probably get a nice bike for around £12,000 depending on the spec.”

The engine is a hand-built, blue-printed, gas-flowed and highly tuned 1088cc air cooled Ducati /v-twin based on the 1000DS motor that's expected to produce over 125bhp. It has £8,000 Ohlins superbike forks and matching TTX36 shock, superbike spec Brembo brakes, a one off kevlar fuel tank, unique bodywork, magnesium Dymag seven spoke wheels and a hand-made titanium exhaust.