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Ducati Multiplay Race Track
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Multiplay Race Track

Product Description This amazing racing track, complete of infrared remote control, for all motor racing fans has 3 play modes: <br /> <ol> <li>Race one: a simple straight track with simplified commands. The remote controls are inserted in the pits "engine"; kids simply have to apply pressure in order to activate the bike; </li> <li>Interactive track: the track can be turned into a ring. Kids have great fun playing with the mechanical activities on the track (Stop & Go in the pits, flags); </li> <li>Race circuit: it now becomes an 8-shaped track and the remote controls can be removed from the "engines" for increasingly exciting races. The bike can move in 2 directions, forwards and reverse.</li> </ol> It's not over: The bikes also be used off the track!<br /> Age: from 1 year and up