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Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary
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Monster 20th Anniversary

Product Description

Text: Italian/English - Format: 28x30 - Pages: 160 - Photos: 208 in colour
The book, written by Claudio and Fabrizio Porrozzi and Otto Grizzi, retraces the Monster's 20-year history, making full use of a rich photographic archive.
The 20th anniversary of the marketing of this motorcycling icon was celebrated in 2013: in 20 years more than 26,000 units have been sold, mostly in the USA, France, Germany and Spain, as well as Italy.
The Monster, which first appeared at the end of 1992, started a new strand of the so-called "naked" bikes segment: fitted with the famous, prestigious L-twin engine, it offered enthusiasts a bike that brought together a comfortable ride and brilliant performance.
Long a source of inspiration for customisation experts, the Monster has become a true icon that has captivated all types of bikers, from beginners to more mature riders.